Our goal in Foundation Kidz is to make each child’s experience at church, safe, fun and profitable in the process of growing to become everything God has planned.  We want our children to begin creating a relationship with Christ, having fun and learning the truth of His word.

Every weekend we will discuss one biblical truth through bible stories, skits, illustrations, conversations and worship.  We think that church should be fun for people at any age! We use music, skits and skilled volunteers to ensure that the children can truly experience who God is and how much he loves them.

Foundation Kidz feels it is important to Bridge the Gap between age groups and create a community within our large group.  Each of our age groups is based on the idea that you need to have a good foundation when creating a relationship with Jesus.  With this in mind all of our students will worship together at the beginning of our Sunday mornings and then break off into their own groups. 


Check In

You will begin by checking your child into one of the Foundation Kidz Staff members.  You will each be given a number to help ensure the safety of your child. All children's check in will be in the Matthew Trombetta building on your right side.

We’ll show you where to go!

Your child will be greeted and shown the worship area by one of our volunteers and introduced to your child’s teacher for that Sunday!  All of our Foundation Kidz volunteers and staff are background-checked and trained to guarantee your child has the best experience possible.

The Schedule!

As you go to worship your child will begin his or her own worship routine. While we wait music will play and free style dance is welcome so don’t worry they won't be bored!  Starting at 10am we will start with a couple of worship songs as a large group, the youngest children are welcome to join us for this experience or can go to their classes if they struggle with loud noises.  After our praise and worship time we will pray and then go with our groups to begin the lesson for the day.  After the lessons and activities are finished your child will come back to the main room and we will sing one more song as a group and you can pick up.  Only parents with their child’s matching number will be permitted into the room.  Your child’s safety is very important to us and there are NO EXCEPTIONS. 



We love our Groundwork babies! Parents can rest assured that their little ones are being taken care of while they enjoy a weekend service. Groundwork babies are motivated by safety and we strive to provide and embrace their physical needs to give them a sneak peak into what their Heavenly Father will always do for them. 

Inside Groundwork Babies you will find age appropriate toys and books, as well as nurturing volunteers that will snuggle with your littles and do meaningful activities with them.


Our Roots love to learn and they are motivated by discovery.  We seek to guide their curiosity to allow them to see and unlock their uniqueness and independence. Each week we strive to meet your child where they are cognitively, spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially. 


In the Roots classroom we provide interactive learning.  Students will participate in worship alongside other Foundation Kidz and then break off into their own group where they will participate in age appropriate skits, games, and activities that allow them to learn about Jesus and the bible in bite-size pieces.


In our “Building Blocks” environment kids are motivated by fun.  Our goal is to engage their interests and promote the development of a relationship with God.  We want to help kids know God, Grow spiritually, discover who God created them to be and go out into the community and Bridge the Gap and serve others. 


We use videos, music, games, skits and bible lessons to impact “the big picture” into the hearts of your child.  We believe that church should be fun and we have a blast every week by using these different techniques.